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I have always found strange that most chess books reviews are written by international masters and grandmasters. Sure, it is helpful to know whether a book is accurate but what about how good a book is to learn chess, to improve the reader's ability to play chess? This is not easy for these people to know it because they are already at the top of their game. Hearing from them would be as asking a native Spanish speaker what he thinks about a book to learn Spanish.

So, I have decided to start this blog and review the chess books I own. I haven't read them all but this is also a good indication for you. Is a book so boring you won't read it? Is it so hard to understand that someone of our level would quickly give up reading it?

I am a chess fan but I am just an amateur. I have an international rating of 19xx and I don't play in club as for now (I did in the past). Most of my books are in English but I own a few in French. If so, I will precise that I am reviewing the French version (shouldn't be that different from the English version though).

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